Where in the Internet is Spider?

This is where you shall find me on the Internet.

[Note from 2023-02-15: All these original links are unchanged, therefore may not work.]

Big Daddy Linux Live = MintSpider/SolusSpider
Discord = MintSpider#9772
Facebook = MintSpider
Gods's Pantry Food Bank = Peter Paterson
Ironworks Pike Community Church = Peter Paterson
MeWe = Peter Paterson "MintSpider"
Mastodon = @solusspider@linuxrocks.online
Peertube = solusspider@peertube.linuxrocks.online
Polyphonic Spree Forum [Facebook]
reddit = mintspider
Second Life = Spider Spinotti
Telegram = MintSpider
Twitter = Spider Spinotti
You Tube = MintSpider

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