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Although I enjoy using all flavours of Linux, my distro of choice is Linux Mint.
Their home page is: linuxmint.com
Currently I am running Linux Mint 13 LTS (long term support) Xfce 64-bit on my Alienware M15x laptop.
Looking forward to Linux Mint 17 LTS which should be out in May or June (for the Xfce version).
Have been running Linux Mint since version 6 from 2009.
Check out my Blogspot post from that time: I Linux therefore I am

Also running Manjaro Xfce 32-bit on my Asus EeePC 1000 netbook. Manjaro is an excellent rolling release distro based on Arch. manjaro.org

On Facebook I run the following group: Linux Mint Facebook Group
We currently have 11,143 members. Yes, you read that right!
It has been a runaway train of people asking to join the group, and we have a good core of members who post and discuss.
A huge thank you to all members, and the 3 admins who assist me running the group.

Although not mine, I am a member of Google+ Linux Mint Community and highly recommend that group too.

For about 5 years I have been part of Blue Grass Linux User Group which has really taught and encouraged me to learn more about Linux.
I highly encourage every Linux user to search out and find their local LUG, and if they have one, to join it!

Quite often you shall see me chatting in the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel of #linuxmint-chat on the irc.spotchat.org server.
If you are able to login with a client such as XChat, please do so, but SpotChat also provides this java chat link: SpotChat Connect

Over the past year I have enjoyed listening to, and even being a part of MintCast.
Their website is at: mintcast.org and have a MintCast Google+ Community.
Rob, Scott, and various guests, discuss Linux and tech in general, and record normally on Monday evenings at 8:00pm Eastern USA, or Sunday afternoons at 3:00pm (guessing here).
The live-stream while recording may be listened to on the MintCast Live Stream
They too have a chat channel on SpotChat, which is #mintcast

Reminder to Windows XP users; Microsoft's support of your system ends on Tuesday 8th April 2014. That's only 33 days away!

If you are not a current user of Linux and are interested in finding out more, please contact me, or reach out to the community in the various ways linked above.

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